Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Bid goodbye to the Giant Hardware

 It's so sad to hear that Balenciaga will discontinue their giant hardware for their bags next season. So this Fall/Winter 2011 will possibly be the last season and last chance to grab a giant hardware Balenciaga. I hope this news isn't true but it was confirmed by the SA's over at the store. We have some lovely colors here at Glampot which isn't available at the Balenciaga store here in KLCC. As shown above we have the Papyrus with rose gold hardware, a lovely shade of dusty pink called Parme with rose gold HW & a beautiful shade of blue called Atlantique. Other colors available which are not shown are Coquelicot which is a bright fiery shade of red also with rose gold hardware, and a Anthracite with gold hardware.

Do contact us at +603 7725 8727 for further inquiries. We also provide PRE-ORDER services so email us or call us up for more information. glampot@gmail.com

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Gabby said...

This is sad sad news for all Balenciaga lovers out there :'( Let's just hope they realise that discontinuing the Giant studs is a BIG mistake!

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