Friday, June 22, 2012

TIE 'em Up the Vintage Way

Good day people!! This week Glampot Boutique is bringing
you to a vintage adventure back in time.
What's more suitable than some celebrities (that we've personally hand-picked)
from that era to get it started?

Adam Keefe Horovitz (left)
Mike Diamond (right)

These 2 from hip hop group, Beastie Boys are both wearing vintage tie themselves.
We stumbled upon this image from The New York Times magazine.

Wanna try out yourselves by mixing and matching with the clothes in your closet?
Ch-check it out................


All of the above just came in to woo YOU!

Just gotta love 'em!

To those out there who have their blood boiling for vintage styles and go all gaga
about "vintage-ness", tell you what because you're in luck today! As we've
got some excellent vintage condition; vintage ties available in our
boutique right now. So, save yourself the trouble from
searching high & low for them around town
when you can just do it right here.

Til' next time peeps!
Glampot signin' out with the good o' Beastie Boys' video to kick in some nostalgia.

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