Saturday, August 25, 2012

HOW to Wear "H" Belt the Celebrity Way

Are you that person who owns an Hermes "H" Belt but you are
running low on ideas on how on earth to wear it?

Now what more can you yearn for but to get some of the famous celebrities' styles!
The InStyle Magazine has definitely gave us a few ideas of celebrity trends right here :)

If you're a casual chick,
take a look at the voluptuous Kim K. (on the left)

Don't we all just love how the way she mixed & match her fashion pieces with the right color combo.

Looking smashin' with her floppy hat (which compliments the light brown "H" belt in a cool way), white shirt & blue jeans.

Or you just dig short/mini skirts like crazy?
January Jones (right) certainly styled herself pretty well with her good o'
black & gold Hermes belt around her black round-neck basic at her waist. She chose a super short mini skirt with prints to pair with 'em.

Thinking of hitting the beach with style this weekend?
Steal Nicky Hilton's (left) looks now:

Slide through the "H" belt of you favorite denim shorts (just the way you like it) & together with a tank top plus a sun hat.

It doesn't have to be the same colors as hers,
play a lil' trick of color creativity ;)

Trust us, it's fun. Even more fun when you slip on some beaded bracelets which has the beach-like feel to it.

Last but not the least,

Never thought that belts could be worn with an evening dress?
Well, guess again!

Emma Roberts (right) showed us a something-different-type-of-style.

Why don't YOU try out these styles today?
Play around with it, innovate it, create something new perhaps?

Then, SHARE with us if you may :)


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