Monday, September 24, 2012

Wrap Up Those Blues & Toss 'Em Away!

Helloooooooooo~ everyone! Yup, it's a Monday alright. Well, you know that famous saying about this particular day of the week right? "The Monday Blues". Yeah...I get it, it's unimaginably loco to drag yourself away from that comfy bed of yours (probably some of you have the 'bantal busuk' or your adorable soft toys to hug) & had to get ready for work after a wonderful weekend.

Hey! Stop that gloominess this instance & get glamorous with us today ;)

Picture 1: Be cool; Hermes Garden Party, Hermes Scarf & Louis Vuitton Shades

If you think that's too blue for you, there's always another option or two. You could choose to go green or be all mysterious with black. Take a look below!

Picture 2: Life, is all about choices! Choose your Hermes scarf today if you may :]

Peace y'all!

- kayteeyelle -

Saturday, September 22, 2012

It's PARTY Time!

One of the most wearable bags and OH! so easy to carry is back in town. With its infamous orange that is bound to drop jaws at one glance. Uber versatile for everyday use, travelling and short trips. Spacious interior for a multitude of goodies to be tucked away nicely. It simply bleed the styles and class one associates with Hermes. 

Now available at Glampot Kayu Ara
Shoulder Garden Party - MYR 7800 
Garden Party GM  - MYR 8600

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Square. It's a shape alright. It could be a box, it could be Spongebob (it's amazing how he wears a SQUARE pants), it could be that cute little pocket mirror that you keep in your handbag so that you keep track on your makeup's "freshness" & a whole lot more...But today, it's a hot crazy trend where people nowadays share photos of their daily lives by snapping a photo, edit (or not) & post it up for sharing.

We too are in the zone :)

Cropping 'em photos with a square margin & sharing a truckload of happiness one could imagine from all the OH-SO-GORGEOUS-THEY'RE-MAKING-MY-HEART-SKIPS-A-BEAT-DESIGNER-FASHION that we have in our lovely boutique. That's right folks...we are on INSTAGRAM! Username's Glampot.

Our latest post so far...

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Talking About Herbags

Herbag, Herbag, Herbag...
By the name of it, you simply just wanna make that Herbag all YOURS!
Some might call it a 2-in-1; a bag in another, canvas & leather to touch. What would you call it?
To me, it's more like a "Ying Yang" thing going on. The thing is that it is not just in black & white,
they can get real quirky with colors. Trust me.
What would you want should you settle in for a Canvas Herbag GM?
You wanna get it on with a hot & spicy feel to it? Come check this out.
If that was too much for you, you can always tone it down with the "temperature" with this one instead.
Scour around our Hermes album for more!!

- kayteeyelle -

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The All New Us!

Well hold your horses as we'll be launching our new site soon.
We'll spread the news once it's up, now that's a promise :)

- kayteeyelle -

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