Saturday, September 22, 2012

Stalk Our "Insta(s)"

Square. It's a shape alright. It could be a box, it could be Spongebob (it's amazing how he wears a SQUARE pants), it could be that cute little pocket mirror that you keep in your handbag so that you keep track on your makeup's "freshness" & a whole lot more...But today, it's a hot crazy trend where people nowadays share photos of their daily lives by snapping a photo, edit (or not) & post it up for sharing.

We too are in the zone :)

Cropping 'em photos with a square margin & sharing a truckload of happiness one could imagine from all the OH-SO-GORGEOUS-THEY'RE-MAKING-MY-HEART-SKIPS-A-BEAT-DESIGNER-FASHION that we have in our lovely boutique. That's right folks...we are on INSTAGRAM! Username's Glampot.

Our latest post so far...

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