Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Talking About Herbags

Herbag, Herbag, Herbag...
By the name of it, you simply just wanna make that Herbag all YOURS!
Some might call it a 2-in-1; a bag in another, canvas & leather to touch. What would you call it?
To me, it's more like a "Ying Yang" thing going on. The thing is that it is not just in black & white,
they can get real quirky with colors. Trust me.
What would you want should you settle in for a Canvas Herbag GM?
You wanna get it on with a hot & spicy feel to it? Come check this out.
If that was too much for you, you can always tone it down with the "temperature" with this one instead.
Scour around our Hermes album for more!!

- kayteeyelle -

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