Monday, September 24, 2012

Wrap Up Those Blues & Toss 'Em Away!

Helloooooooooo~ everyone! Yup, it's a Monday alright. Well, you know that famous saying about this particular day of the week right? "The Monday Blues". Yeah...I get it, it's unimaginably loco to drag yourself away from that comfy bed of yours (probably some of you have the 'bantal busuk' or your adorable soft toys to hug) & had to get ready for work after a wonderful weekend.

Hey! Stop that gloominess this instance & get glamorous with us today ;)

Picture 1: Be cool; Hermes Garden Party, Hermes Scarf & Louis Vuitton Shades

If you think that's too blue for you, there's always another option or two. You could choose to go green or be all mysterious with black. Take a look below!

Picture 2: Life, is all about choices! Choose your Hermes scarf today if you may :]

Peace y'all!

- kayteeyelle -

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