Thursday, November 29, 2012

What's Up?

Latest Instagram Post
Dear Fans,
As you all know, we are now reaching the end of the year already.
You know what that means right?
Thanksgiving, Christmas, festive holiday season, shopping for gifts for your loved ones (don't forget to pamper yourself too!) and so, so much more...
If you're running low on ideas for Christmas, you can always come to us *winks*
We'll be posting some fancy-mancy bags/products that we bear in store; weekly post on our blog,
daily posts on our Facebook page and website, surprises/sneakpeaks on our instagram.
Johoreans and Alor Setareans!
We've arranged a special date for you this coming December 2012.
For more info, click THIS.
Isn't this exciting?

Monday, November 19, 2012

It's Black, It's White...

Some may call white a sexy color as it's an angelic depiction full of pureness & serenity while some may call black sexy instead due to the beauty of mysterious metaphore that surrounds it.
Well, I find both as equally as hot.
From left: Bottega Venetta Black Satin Cluth with Python Trimming and
Bottega Venetta Off White LG Knot Clutch with dust bags from Glampot Damansara.
SPY on them here (Enjoy!):

Monday, November 12, 2012

Addiction Alert!!!

Good afternoon citizens of Glampot!
As you all know we're now pretty much surrounded by the HOLIDAY season right now, so today we are sharing something special of a story for you ;) Afterall, sharing IS caring!
Bag Addicts Anonymous has collaborated with Coach.
YES!!! You read it correctly alright, now you better stop rubbing those pretty eyes of yours disbelieving and better start believing. Get ready for the Legacy GIVEAWAY.

From top: Legacy Leather Duffel in Tourmaline, Legacy Colourblock Large Leather Clutch, Legacy Large Leather and Medium Metallic Cosmetic Case.
Love them? Well, there's more to it!
All you have to do is enter a contest by blogging and there's another one on Facebook as well.
1 prize will be given away from each contest.
Find out more here.

Monday, November 05, 2012

B for Ballerinas

Not your typical twins eh? | They come in black and camel tones

Say, do you happen to have a fetish for shoes? To be precise; Ballerinas?
The big H now has it! These bubbly ballet pumps from Hermes Paris
have just walked into our doorstep TODAY!!!
Step right up to take a closer look, feel them and see what your heart says...
@Glampot Damansara.


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