Monday, November 12, 2012

Addiction Alert!!!

Good afternoon citizens of Glampot!
As you all know we're now pretty much surrounded by the HOLIDAY season right now, so today we are sharing something special of a story for you ;) Afterall, sharing IS caring!
Bag Addicts Anonymous has collaborated with Coach.
YES!!! You read it correctly alright, now you better stop rubbing those pretty eyes of yours disbelieving and better start believing. Get ready for the Legacy GIVEAWAY.

From top: Legacy Leather Duffel in Tourmaline, Legacy Colourblock Large Leather Clutch, Legacy Large Leather and Medium Metallic Cosmetic Case.
Love them? Well, there's more to it!
All you have to do is enter a contest by blogging and there's another one on Facebook as well.
1 prize will be given away from each contest.
Find out more here.

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